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Aesthetic dentistry is first of all a person's desire to be attractive, so it is not surprising that orthodontic services are one of the most popular in our country. … Read more

Orthodent Kids

Orthodent Kids is a new format of a modern and progressive clinic for children, which is designed to change the stereotypes of pediatric dentistry. … Read more

Anti-age dentistry

Did you know that you can get younger without injections? You probably didn't even know that thanks to dentistry you can remove wrinkles or visually rejuvenate. … Read more


Endodontics has been actively developing over the past few years and gives excellent results. Proper root canal treatment is a very responsible task… Read more


Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the integrity and functioning of the dental system by prosthetics or installation of devices for adjustment. Dental prosthetics… Read more

Dental surgery

Not every dentist can remove a tooth professionally and with maximum safety for the patient. To protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, it is always better to… Read more

Dental Spa

A preventive check-up is not only useful, but can also be extremely enjoyable. Professional hygiene is much more than just a procedure. … Read more


Dentistry is the care of teeth, but it is only one part of health. We consider the human body as a holistic and interconnected system. … Read more

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